On View August 20 –September 25, 2010

Opening Reception
Friday, August 20, 2010
6:30–8:30 PM, artist talks at 6 PM

Math of the Afterwrath Boozefox
John M. O’Quinn Gallery

Boozefox, an Austin based collective collecting consortium, in cooperation with Lawndale Art Center is pleased to announce the first and only viewing of their most cherished artifact. Salvaged from the Gulf of Mexico inside the Chicxulub Crater, this Pre-Khormusan monument resembles that of a giant head. Made entirely of tektites and partially melted zircons, the head weighs in excess of 450 tons, radiates substantial heat, and seems to change its shape and features periodically. Due to an inexplicably contracted ex-post-facto-virus, the artifact is being rapidly consumed from within. The virus is currently boring large tunnels from an enormous, spherical abscess which suddenly appeared yesterday. The virus is carving its way outward and is producing a distinctly weird smell. In light of the current consumption rate, the artifact will be on view for a limited time only.

Artist's Website

Potential Modulations • Robert Jackson Harrington
Mezzanine Gallery

Potential Modulations explores the use of mass-produced objects in an art context and hopes to start a dialogue by asking questions such as how do we individualize or personalize things that are inherently not produced to be individual? Other themes explored include the idea of potential and the concepts of what could be versus what is. Utilizing the Mezzanine Gallery, Harrington plans to install several sculptural elements to create a new modular sculpture that adjusts to the possibilities of different sites. These assemblages explore the definitions between sculpture and installation because it must factor the given site into its implementation. For example, the effect on an installation’s arrangement can come from the differing architectural placement of electrical outlets (if any) from various sites, yet the work retains it sculptural identity from location to location.

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BEING • Tobiah Mundt
Grace R. Cavnar Gallery

BEING is an exhibit of fantastical creatures realized through sculpted wool and fabric. These works by artist Tobiah Mundt interpret and explore how we read and react to human emotion through anthropomorphic and zoomorphic forms, rendering feelings through facial expression, color, shape, and physicality. Her works are created with a process called sculptural needle felting by which raw wool is shaped into three-dimensional form using barbed needles.

Artist's Website

Following Huck Finn • Logan Sebastian Beck
Project Space

“The road trip is an undeniably American idea, one that is ingrained in every American by its authors and photographers. As Americans, the ideas of ‘manifest destiny’ and ‘the pursuit of happiness’ are axes on which our cultural identities are built upon.”- Logan Sebastian Beck Following Huck Finn documents a long-distance bicycle tour from Houston, TX to Hannibal, MO in honor of the 175th anniversary of Mark Twain’s birth and the 100th anniversary of his death. Traveling up the Mississippi river– following, in reverse, the path of Huck Finn and Jim in The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, Beck seeks out the remnants of Huck’s world as well as the new American rural ideal and documents his findings through photography.

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Also on view

Snack Projects • featuring Nancy Douthey

Snack Projects is a miniature and portable art space, a “gallery” measuring 11” x 20” x 13”, organized by artists Michael Guidry and Robert Ruello, featuring the work of both local and regional artists.
For more information, please visit: www.snackprojects.com

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