Adam Crosson, Jonas Hart & James Scheuren On Plasticity: Poetics of the Built

March 13, 2015 – April 18, 2015 John M. O'Quinn Gallery

Adam Crosson, Jonas Hart, & James Scheuren’s works counter the monumental aesthetics of the built environment as a means to extract from it the found and the felt. Collectively, the three artists foreground the peripheral, the accidental, the byproduct; they establish a tension between the found circumstance and its elevation to an object of tactile perception. In lieu of a focus on the overt, the works plumb facets of the latent and residual to reflect without ceremony on the ultra-familiar. With attention to ad hoc solutions, the idiosyncratic, and the subjective each artist forefronts a physical act, a record or index of the human hand and in most cases, many hands. The objects and images in this exhibition present generations of inadvertence, resulting in an invitation to observe the irreversible processes of and within systems of choice.