Adam Schreiber Reverent Estimations

March 7, 2008 – April 12, 2008 Gracie R. Cavnar Gallery

Artist Statement

“My work is the result of an institutional experience, taking as subject certain features found within the walls of the University of Texas. These features have included a presidential archive, research clean-rooms, and the surfaces of miscellaneous modular facilities. By slow accumulation, the pictures have developed into a kind of unanchored map describing intensities, thresholds, and objects. That said, favoritism for a prevailing mood of surface obsolescence informs the course. Pictures intersect in ways too numerous for their subjects to describe. Subjects are named, estimations are made, photographs intervene; their scrutiny is a favorable retaliation for the durability of fiction.”

Artist Bio

Adam Schreiber currently lives and works in Austin, TX. He holds a B.F.A. fromColorado State University and is a 2007 M.F.A. Candidate at the University of Texas atAustin. His work has been included in group exhibitions at Leroy Neiman Gallery,Colombia University; Gitterman Gallery, New York, NY; CRL, Austin, TX; OkayMountain, Austin, TX; Gallery 3, Austin, TX and in a solo exhibition at Orange CoastCollege, Costa Mesa, CA. His work is included in the collections of the Milwaukee Art Museum, the Denver Art Museum and the Colorado State University Print Collection.