Adela Andea The Green™ cyber web

August 21, 2009 – September 26, 2009 Project Space Gallery

The cyber web is a full-room installation incorporating the latest computer gadgets in an intricate spatial web design, using the formal aspect of the visual geographic models of the internet maps. The electronic components connected to several computer power sources are suggesting static and dynamic confrontation of the virtual reality of the computer-generated cyberspace with the realm of the environmentally sustainable industry of the consumer electronics. All the computer artifacts(cathode lights, LED lights, cooling fans, water cooling pumps and tubing, UV reactive coolant, reinforcement coils, various case mods, power conduits, and splitters) are weaved chaotically, filling entirely the space of the gallery between all the four walls, ceiling, and floor, with the exception of few passageways. The green cathode light is referring to the current question of “what constitutes green.” It is believed that it is still a long way to making consumer electronics an environmentally sustainable industry and the concept of this installation is based on the complexity of this dilemma. The installation takes the form of an environment, visually overwhelmingly occupying the entire space of the gallery, where the viewer is wholly absorbed into the space created. The direction flow of the audience in the installation through the passages/corridors in the installation. By stepping in and walking through the installation the viewers become temporarily part of the artwork as they experience the artwork from inside and outside at the same time, thus challenging the notion of a fixed point of view. This installation attempts to stimulate not only visual but also tactile senses from the audience through the close material encounter with the computer industry products expressing the physical dimension of these virtual realities. The materials are chosen for their symbolic meaning, but they also become the subject matter. This installation is trying to mitigate two extremes, between the valuable resources of information and the end responsibilities for recycling, giving a different meaning to the phrase “residual value.” In addition, the installation incorporates speakers that generate ambient sounds to further create unsettling and contradictory feelings about the implications of technology from our day-to-day life to the global aspect.