AJ Liberto and Jesse Robinson

November 21, 2008 – January 10, 2009

Artist Statements

AJ Liberto

All matter shifts between states, and throughout history this dynamic has played out in many narratives. Material dynamics become profound metaphysical meditations in mystic traditions, playing out an allegorical tale of spiritual enlightenment.Many of the objects we interact with have their beginnings in a liquid state, becoming solid for our benefit. I am fascinated by transformations stemming from the liquid state; the curing of liquid polymers, pools of slurry escaping containment pools, forging hot iron. My work orbits around the morphing of state-of-matter–turning to the La Brea tar pits, to cosmic gas clouds and eventually globs of paint, to tell the story of an Infinite Ooze.

Jesse Robinson

Through the curation and alteration of materials and methodologies, bonds are created and analogies and alliances are formed. I make things using wood, epoxy, images, plastic, reference, allusion, meta land metaphor.Sculpture serves to lessen the distance felt between myself and the objects and ideasI’m surrounded by. Making objects is a conflicted pursuit. Things are elusive and my relation to them is riddled with discrepancy and inconsistency. My work tries to navigate this flexible terrain

Artist Bio

J Liberto – Originally from Houston TX, this wannabe wildcatter graduated from theUniversity of Houston and went on to receive his MFA in sculpture from VirginiaCommonwealth University. Now far away from home, in the chilly arctic city of Boston,MA he tries to stay warm by making sculptures and cozying up with his girlfriend.ajliberto.com

Jesse Robinson was born in New Rochelle, NY. He received a BA in Fine Art fromUniversity of California, Los Angeles. He received a MFA in Sculpture and Extended-Media from VirginiaCommonwealth University in 2008. He currently lives and works in Los Angeles, CA. jesserobinson.net