Anderson Wrangle Forest Interrupted

January 26, 2007 – March 3, 2007

Artist Statement

“Forest Interrupted revolves around my thinking about the landscape image, the picturesque form, and the historical arc of landscape image making. Works in the show include large-scale color panoramas, video projection, 3d (anaglyph) images, and installation pieces.The work in the exhibition was photographed and recorded inCashiers, North Carolina in the summer and fall of 2006.

Splitting wood is a central motif in the exhibition. A cord of wood will occupy the center of the gallery, and will be shown with a video projection of the artist splitting logs in the North Carolina woods. Splitting wood, and the logs themselves, refer to work and the material uses we have for the forest.

The other unifying motif in the exhibition centers on leisure, and the use of the forest, mountains and rivers for aesthetic ends. There are two large panoramas. One depicts swimmers at Quarry Falls, on the Cullasaja River, and the other shows players and spectators at a tennis match at a mountain country club.

The idea of Nature, as we currently engage with it, has deep roots in Romanticism.Romantic ideals and modes of image making are often unconsciously used and consumed, and drive tourism and construction in the scenic countryside. I am interested in making work which draws on the imagistic tradition to make useful observations about our moment in history.”