Angela Piehl Lonely Hunters

August 24, 2012 – September 29, 2012 Cecily E. Horton Gallery

Lonely Hunters is a series of drawings that feature the accumulations, creatures, and hybrids of flora and fauna, in the dark environments that Angela Piehl incorporates into her work. Piehl’s accumulation drawings reference luxury and opulent decay, recombining elaborately decorative elements with organic material like flesh, hair, tentacles, eggs, fat, bone, muscle, crystalline structures, and wood. The title, Lonely Hunters, references the Southern Gothic literary genre, and like characters within the genre, Piehl’s creatures are solitary– at once seductive and repellant, grotesque and beautiful.  Piehl’s pieces include large-scale framed graphite drawings, mid-sized and large-scale white and grey pencil on black paper drawings, and small-scale graphite drawings.