Betsy Huete Palimpsest

September 1, 2006 – October 14, 2006

Artist Statement

“I believe there are two things that deeply resonate with any person: honesty and pain. Therefore, I create large scale installations which brutally depict the most painful experience of my life. Much of my work is a performance in which I repeatedly build something and tear it down. I physically stay in the space and work while the installation exists, as if it were my studio. I often write text in an obsessive manner straight onto the wall space. I am interested not so much in creating pieces but rather ephemeral environments. I do this because art can be very powerful and genuine when it is not meant to last.

I hope to manipulate the viewer into identifying with the psycho-emotional environment.

I intend my art to be gutsy, confrontational, and potentially cathartic. If I identify a situation that makes me nervous to the point of nausea, that is my green light to use it.”

Artist Bio

Born in New Orleans, LA, Betsy Huete received a BA from Rice University (Houston, TX) in 2005, and is currently completing a BFA from the same institution.Solo exhibitions include “Letter”, “Sewell Hall, Rice University, Houston, TX; and “Scab”,Sewell Hall, Rice University (2005). Selected group exhibitions from 2005 include “TheMavis C. Pitman Award Exhibtion”, organized by Rachel Boyle, Rice University MediaCenter, Houston, TX; and “Output”, organized by Brendan Mulcahy, Rice Gallery,Houston, TX. Betsy was awarded the Mavis C Pitman Award in 2004 and the FrankFreed Traveling Fellowship in 2005.