Boozefox Math of the Afterwrath

August 20, 2010 – September 25, 2010 John M. O'Quinn Gallery

Boozefox, an Austin based collective collecting consortium, in cooperation with Lawndale Art Center is pleased to announce the first and only viewing of their most cherished artifact. Salvaged from the Gulf of Mexico inside the Chicxulub Crater, this Pre-Khormusan monument resembles that of a giant head. Made entirely of tektites and partially melted zircons, the head weighs in excess of 450 tons, radiates substantial heat, and seems to change its shape and features periodically. Due to an inexplicably contracted ex-post-facto-virus, the artifact is being rapidly consumed from within. The virus is currently boring large tunnels from an enormous, spherical abscess which suddenly appeared yesterday. The virus is carving its way outward and is producing a distinctly weird smell. In light of the current consumption rate, the artifact will be on view for a limited time only.