Candace Hicks Compositions

August 24, 2012 – September 29, 2012 Project Space Gallery

Candace Hicks presents two projects using the form of a notebook in unique ways. String Theory undertakes to explain coincidence through science. Hicks has long collected coincidences and published them in a series of handmade books entitled Common Threads. String Theory is Hicks’ first attempt to form a hypothesis about the meanings and rules that govern coincidence. Part pseudo-scientific humor, part genuine awe at the complexity of the cosmos, String Theory is an embroidered book in which the text and images are rendered entirely in thread. The embroidery thread symbolizes the connectedness of coincidence. Hick’s new series of prints, Compositions, resolve the abstract patterns on the covers of cheap composition books into representational images. Her “covers” use small silhouette drawings of various figures to produce an abstract pattern. The covers are named in the fashion of color field paintings.