Christie Blizard from the tipi project

November 18, 2011 – January 7, 2012 John M. O'Quinn Gallery

Christie Blizard documents her life through her work focusing around the flexibility of identity, public interaction, and responding to the special landscape of a given space or surface. Working in a variety of media, the idea of “neti-neti” or “not this not that,” a Sanskrit expression for the sacred is her great motivator.

For the exhibition at Lawndale, Blizard has made works from the Tipi Project, which is an on-going investigation into the ideas of living in one’s work, fulfilling childhood ambitions, and personal culture as a collage process. In this project, the tipis function as dwellings, points of contact, and spatial markings as they are lived in, positioned, and documented. This exhibition will feature works from the Reykjavik TipisTrip to Waller, and the River and Meditation experiments.