Christopher Cascio & Anne J. Regan Harmonic Spheres

January 22, 2010 – February 27, 2010 Cecily E. Horton Gallery

Artist Statement

I create ornate collages made from Xerox prints of tangled cords and audio equipment, the negative space cut away, arranged over the fluorescent orange ground with a thick layer of varnish on top. I scour the internets with much of the same fervor as an actual vintage audio collector, who often finds something vintage that others find obsolete. After collecting a vast array of images, I arrange them for the viewer’s consumption by implementing familiar geometric patterns and designs. I cut the tangled cords out from Xerox photos of actual tangled cords, no tricks. For the pieces that are mirror images, or in stereo, I use a computer to reverse them in order to accomplish the Rorschach-like patterns. Each piece is cut out twice, once in reverse, and lined up and adhered by hand and eyeball. Besides the mirrored images there are no duplicate photos. The imagery I use comes from appropriated photographic images so any further explanation of those would just be useless.

I refuse to taint my work with a lame artist statement. That said, I consider myself a post-modernist who regards aesthetics as largely more important than conceptual concerns. I do not wish to cloud the viewer with any preconceived notions or conclusions resulting from putting the work into the context of critical statements. I believe the best art always works on multiple levels (visual, conceptual, spiritual, scientific et al.) without explanation, and often reveals more and more of itself to the viewer upon each future viewing.