Darshan Amrit, Peter Weir Clarke, and Brian Heiss Transvision

January 31, 2003 – March 15, 2003 John M. O'Quinn Gallery

Artist Statement

Transvision… To operate beyond, through and across media as to transform culture and transfer ideas.
Transvision is a collective of persons, ideas and works that reinvent the stuff of everyday life.We challenge consumer culture that reduces expression of individuality to tasks of selection rather than acts of creation and interaction. Transvision is on a mission to rouse your hard and soft wares from their”designed once” slumbers. You are complicit in the awakening. Transvision operates under the belief that manufactured consumer goods are actually viable as raw materials. While these materials are complex, we assert that determined yet simple transformations have incredible consequences. By focusing on the reinvention of the physical interface with these goods, Transvision revitalizes both these objects and our interaction with them. This reinvention, in turn, affects the way we interact with each other and our environment. Two of our favorite raw materials, clothing and televisions, come tolife in this event and exhibition.
Transvision Fashion
Cut-up, turned inside out, printed on and sewn back together describes the process in short, but what we seek to accomplish is an interaction between the environment and its inhabitants. The designs, cuts and patterns are inspired by raw materials culled from donations, thrift stores, yard sales-anything excess, leftover or out-of-date. The products of this effort are displayed, worn, mingled and danced in, and posed in front of the camera by anyone in attendance. Transvision mixes together the audience and the artists’ productions in an exposed apparatus of clothing design and marketing. The event takes form via improvised onsite clothing production and silk screening, the transformation of on-lookers to fashion models, and the documentation of the process through interactive media installation. The resultant environment is influenced as much by the viewer/participants as it is by the artists.
Transvision Television
Transvision asks you to begin to understand what you see by challenging howyou see it. We shed the pretense of operating on the future infrastructures of broadcast information and instead explore the potentials of altering the television itself. Most people don’t even know the brand of the TV they are watching everyday. Transvision understands that the object itself is a potent threshold between the space of your body and mind and the stream of information from the world. The individual transformations in Transvision expose and accentuate the power of the mediating object, reanimating both the content and the viewer.These simple, affordable and realistic interventions cut through the static and stasis of media.
The interaction with a television is central to Transvision in several ways.Interactiveness may exist in the way the body physically relates with the television or in the way the mind perceives the images on and off the screen. In either case, Transvision challenges passivity and inaction between the viewer and broadcast media. These new schemes of interface problematize the act of watching TV by imbedding interaction. Get up out of your chair. Transvision wants to change the way you watch television.