Deangelo McMahon Jr. Hi-Speed Channel Surfing

February 15, 2024 – April 6, 2024 Grace R. Cavnar Gallery

About the Exhibition

Hi-Speed Channel Surfing presents new work by Houston-based artist Deangelo McMahon Jr. Through still images that emulate classic television, this exhibition explores mass media, shared memory, and censorship. In the featured paintings, McMahon creates visual white noise with gestures such as cross-hatching and pointillism. These artworks carefully attend to color and scale, bordering trompe-l’œil. In the words of McMahon, this exhibition reflects “the ever-increasing role of technology in present-day life, and seeks to remind the viewer of one’s own humanity amidst it all.”


About the Artist

Born in Chicago, IL, in the 90s, Deangelo McMahon Jr. draws inspiration from the music, video games, and television of his childhood. McMahon’s artistic practice began in architecture and film acting. His educational experiences in design ultimately led to his work as a self-taught painter. Based in Houston, Texas, McMahon works as an artist and graphic designer.

Featured Images: Pray (2023), Oil & acrylic on chipboard with LED and Making Money is Expensive (2023), Oil & acrylic on chipboard.