Diane Golumb Levi VULNERABLE

December 12, 2003 – January 31, 2004

Artist Statement

“I like to explore dualities: reason/passion, ideal/real, bone/flesh, structure/skin, delicate/strong, planned/accidental. My process is methodical and obsessive, based on ideal, simple geometries that buildup when repeated to create complex forms. I am interested in the imperfect execution of geometric ideals and the accidents that occur while making the piece. Through these imperfections, material choice, form, and scale, I seek to give emotion, life, sensuality, and personality to the geometries and to elicit a visceral and emotional response.The sources of my imagery include the body and nature. I am interested in exposed fleshiness, defensive mechanisms, and the interplay and interdependence of structure and skin. In this installation I am exploring the balance between vulnerability and defensiveness, delicacy and strength.”