Hana Hillerova Transfigurations

March 7, 2008 – April 12, 2008 John M. O'Quinn Gallery

Artist Statement

“I like to assemble my installations and sculptures from un-artsy materials, something you just stumble upon–carpet, cardboard, plywood, plastics, paper, wire, lots of glue, mirrors, recycled sculptures, prints, photographs, and cut up drawings among others.

I am fascinated by the endless flux of information and total connectedness that we live in:networks, file sharing, space and air travel, instant availability of data and resources. My new work, however, attempts to transcend the agitation of the busy mental landscapes created by the excitement of the information society and move to a quieter place of contemplation.

Transfigurations draws on the concepts of spiritual entities waking into material world and matter transforming into energy. It is work from a series of Thought forms I started last year, inspired by 19th century spiritualism, new age brochures and several Buddhist teachings.

Instead of claiming a space of their own, the sculptures covered with mirrors gently hover in a weightless suspension merely changing the direction of light in the room. Please slow down, way down to their subtle pace: you can drift with them like tiny fish dreaming in an aquarium.”

Artist Bio

Hana Hillerova grew up in Prague, the Czech Republic and lives in Houston, TX. She pursued her education in the arts at the Charles University in Prague, Humboldt StateUniversity in California, the University of Texas at Austin and The Skowhegan School ofPainting and Sculpture, MA. Her work has been exhibited at the Austin Museum of Art,Dallas Contemporary, Lawndale Art Center and Sala Diaz Gallery in San Antonio among others.