J Hill I Could Build Rome In A Day

April 1, 2005 – May 7, 2005

Artist Statement

“Hi, I am J Hill and this is the story of my life, my home and my house.I think they’re all pretty amazing. Not that my house is that extraordinary. In fact, it is absolutely ordinary. It’s an ordinary little house in an ordinary neighborhood. But it is the stage for a play which is absolutely extraordinary….me and my families life.As far as I know I am the third guy to own the house and we’ve all been a little a like. Alike, in the sense that we work with our hands and we can fix our house. So, I fix what someone else fixed and he fixed the other guy’s fixes. It means your life is never static. I realize this is a good thing, for one it saves money. It also saves your life. It means you’re constantly improving; making sure the next guy has a better house. It means your house can become your life and both of you are alive. Just like me, my house is a living-breathing thing. I am my house and my house is me. We both have a history, we both tell a story, we both march forward. Never really finished. In a constant state of becoming. That’s my family, that’s my house, and this is my life.”