Jade Walker CONTACT

January 20, 2012 – February 25, 2012 John M. O'Quinn Gallery

Jade Walker’s work consists of a personal struggle with spectatorship, binaries within gender, abstraction, narrative, found objects, desire, and the body as temporal.  Walker is interested in focusing on the ideology of American society in respect to the image of the figure and translating that into a tangible object.  The macro of the body and the micro of individual organs or skin features are present in each work, evident in small stitches and massive stuffed bulbous forms.  Empathy, fear, longing, and rage all find viable moments in the work with an underlying feeling of familiarity, sometimes nostalgia. For Lawndale, Walker’s exhibition examines conceptual endeavors that challenge our recognition of the human body and in many ways and the notions we have of ourselves.

CONTACT, features an array of characters – some fictional and some real – permeated by physical breakdown. The exhibition includes several sculptures and sculpture-based installations that are inspired by the physical repercussions of trauma on the human body. Fuzzy, fabric adorned found objects create a sense of nostalgia for a lost childhood while the sexual characteristics of these objects and situations question the viewer’s sense of gender.