Jimmy Kuehnle and Richie Budd Waiting to Explode

January 26, 2007 – March 3, 2007

Known for public bicycle performance rides focusing on interacting with the public and presenting absurd situations, San Antonio artist Jimmy Kuehnle will perform Kiss the Sky at the Lawndale Art Center in Houston. For Kiss the Sky, Kuehnle will don an inflatable suit made of 104 inverted cones of rip-stop nylon. Using a combination of batteries and long extension cords to power fans, he will make a bounding, bouncing tour of the arts district beginning at Lawndale.Inside Kuehnle will present “binary drawings” of the information transmitted over the web to display the logos on various corporate websites, including Disney, Google, andMicrosoft.The drawings complete with corrected human error contain thousands of ones and zeros.Also on display will be a video demonstrating how to count to 1023 on your hands, in binary.

Richie Budd’s multi-media sculptural objects and installations are impossibly self-contained microenvironments that are hinged together by his skillful use of the glue gun and/or his keen sense of balance and placement.The artist works with the surplus of our materially dependent commerce society reconstituting ephemera into inventive systems. These precarious and multi-faceted systems are based on sensory modalities in which the artist incorporates specific objects-aromatherapy, stereos, foodstuffs, smoke machines-to invoke all of the senses underscoring the ‘nature’ of our lived experience. These compressed, quasi living and breathing systems function on multiple levels both inert and active and seek to cause a dynamic experience for the viewer and in turn a structure of reference.”