Jonathan Leach & Ariane Roesch Tip Toe

March 12, 2010 – April 17, 2010 Gracie R. Cavnar Gallery

Artist Statement

“Our interest in the Grace R. Cavnar Gallery is as a place of transit. It is not only used as a gallery but also as an entryway to the rest of the art center, as well as providing access to the elevator and the offices. Both of our artistic practices focus on communication, spacial investigations, and human interaction.‘Tip Toe’ aims to transform the Grace R. Cavnar Gallery with the use of light and fabric to create a structural dynamic that diverts yet redirects the viewer through this transitional space.

The bands of orange and purple fabric span across the pathway shifting in form, opacity, and color. A red light line zig-zags through the space intersecting and piercing the fabric. The piece creates a heightened awareness of one’s body as one maneuver around the fabric.”