Josh Bernstein, JooYoung Choi & Lina Dib A B C D

Lawndale Artist Studio Program Exhibition

May 8, 2015 – June 13, 2015 John M. O'Quinn Gallery

The Lawndale Artist Studio Program is part of Lawndale’s ongoing commitment to support the creation of contemporary art by Gulf Coast area artists. With an emphasis on emerging practices, the program provides three artists with studio space on the third floor of Lawndale Art Center at 4912 Main Street in the heart of Houston’s Museum District. This exhibition features residents for the ninth round of the Lawndale Artist Studio Program, Josh Bernstein, JooYoung Choi and Lina Dib.

Artist Bios

Josh Bernstein is currently trying to rise above his head with kites, a spaceship made out of mirrors, and prints of new constellations.  The body of work attempts a connection between the universe and personal experience that emulates older, more idiosyncratic conceptions of outer space.

JooYoung Choi invites you to explore her fun and colorful imaginary world called The Cosmic Womb.  Through a variety of new paintings and drawings she presents to you the story of C.S. Watson a young adoptee from Earth. Using playful puppets, animation, and video art, Cosmic Womb ambassador JooYoung Choi introduces you to the flora and fauna of this fantastic planet.

Lina Dib presents new works on paper, wood, and air. Still preoccupied by the archive and an ecology of sound, Dib’s works point to the fact that history (occasionally read as motion) has a medium. Her printed soundscapes remind viewers that sound has a shape, a topography, and her interactive pool of sound allows viewers to navigate an invisible watery landscape. Finally, a kinetic, slow spinning sculpture pushes the sound of the sea around the gallery. Reminiscent of a lighthouse, this sound-structure or beacon delineates a sea rather than land.