Joshua Smith The Suburbs of the Emerald City

May 9, 2008 – June 14, 2008

Artist Statement

“In my opinion, good work does not narrow the viewer’s perception it pushes into a realm of infinite possible meanings, where each viewing of the piece evokes another level of questions or realizations which opens into other channels of questions, and truths. To create this kind of work the artist must strive to understand the relationship of an object’s power to the viewer in a culture led to the brim with objects and images. I am interested in making work that does not knock on the door of the viewer consciousness, it knows that the key is under the mat.”

Artist Bio

Joshua Smith received an MFA from The University of Dallas in Irving, Texas in 2006and in the same year was awarded the Outstanding Emerging Artist Award given bySculpture Magazine. Joshua Smith has shown nationally and lives and works in Denton, Texas.