Katie Pell The Best That I Can Give You and Less Than Half of What You Deserve

January 18, 2008 – February 23, 2008

Artist Statement

“For this project I wanted to make something Baroque and celebratory. The wall of the gallery makes a perfect little diorama, so I was thinking – why not have the viewer be a figure in the diorama? Of course the next logical step is-then the viewer is the star of the diorama-yes, that’s it–you are the star-and then-you are a beautiful and exotic gift to the world! How on earth can I celebrate you? I could never do it up big enough, I could never afford to treat you the way your accomplishments deserve. I mean didn’t you turn over-that’s right, turn over!when you were in your mother’s womb, for God’s sake, all on your own – and get your head jammed in just the right position to come out with a push? How did you even know to do that?-and that’s just for starters-you weren’t born yet! Then there were the piano lessons, summer camp–not to forget about the prom, jobs ,not to mention all those complicated relationships… You deserve more-but I will give you my best, because I just want you to feel special, maybe just for a minute, maybe for the whole week-come back as much as you like-and keep up the good work.”