Kimberly Hennessy and Deb Karpman In and Out of Whack

November 19, 2010 – January 15, 2011 Project Space Gallery

The pairing of work by Deb Karpman and Kimberly Hennessy sets out to examine ideas about collection, appropriation, duality and absurdity. The duality explored in their respective work is heightened by their contrasting approaches to image making. In Deb’s work, the images are created by fastidiously cutting up old manuals and guidebooks and then carefully arranging the snippets onto the backs of vintage wallpaper, a practice that is systematically very controlled but has a dynamic and fluid end result. Kimberly’s studio practice involves a fair amount of detailed drawing, but also a lot of hasty piling, overlapping, pouring, dropping and walking away. When shown together, the work of each artist pushes and pulls at the other in a precariously balanced drama.