Lane Hagood, Alika Herreshoff, Cody Ledvina, Lee Piechocki, Anthony Record, and Eric Shaw This Weird Place

Curated by Sebastian Forray

January 20, 2012 – February 25, 2012 Cecily E. Horton Gallery

This Weird Place, new work by Lane Hagood, Alika Herreshoff, Cody Ledvina, Lee Piechocki, Anthony Record & Eric Shaw. All six artists engage the unsteady ground between figuration and abstraction using diverse, unique means. Through the flaying of representation through abstraction (and vice versa), both are dissected, and we are allowed a teetering view between revelation and obfuscation.

Anthony Record’s images are wrung from the awkward pixels of primitive computer drawing programs, and re-rendered with fastidious care into paintings and needlepoint rugs, which both counter and exalt their origins. Both Eric Shaw and Cody Ledvina work impulsively, in an elemental and pseudo-psychedelic re-examining of the familiar figure through rhythmic amalgamation and deconstruction. Lee Piechocki and Alika Herreshoff’s work serves as a counterbalance, meditative and responsive to the inherent concerns of painting, color, and line (and hinting at, rather than blatant in relation to figuration and intent). Lane Hagood’s approach is scholarly, and rooted in cavernous literary reference which leads to work that both contradicts and acknowledges the post-modern paradox of inescapability from quotation and never-ending intellectual reiteration.