Lawndale – CentralTrak Residency Exchange

May 9, 2014 – June 14, 2014 Cecily E. Horton Gallery

Spencer Brown-Pearn, Heyd Fontenot, Sally Glass, Jeff Gibbons, Shawn Mayer, Lynne McCabe, Shayne Murphy, Jim Nolan, Emily Peacock, David Politzer & Liz Trosper.

In an attempt to break down barriers and to create an exchange between the artistic communities of Houston and Dallas, this exhibition presents an exchange between current and past residents of the Lawndale Artist Studio Program and CentralTrak: The University of Texas at Dallas Artists’ Residency. This project creates an opportunity for dialog between a number of artists with relationships to one or both of these non-profit institutions and artist residencies. Select resident-pairs from each program will perform an art/idea exchange, engaging in the “intimate” artistic act of conceptual collaboration, opening up a dialog and creating new artworks which combine their individual art practices.