Leigh Anne Lester Artificial Arrangement

March 17, 2006 – April 29, 2006

Artist Statement

“What is disposable? Our history? Our nature? At a rate of change like no other time we are seeing the demise of cultures and species. The quickness with which things change is as exciting as it is horrifying. The manipulation of genetics is an area full of rapid transmutation. How is it acceptable that in the span of our lifetime we will see something that is integral to the balance of our existence no matter how distant or insignificant to our lives go missing? What happens when the change or absence occurs in culture or science as a result of our ability to alter? What takes its place? What happens to the “balance”? The idea of generating something newer and better means a possible aberration or sacrifice of what we know.I am interested in the idea of control in ones environment. What is expendable? What has changed in the things that we take for granted? How are we transformed by these changes that we manipulated or are mutated as a result of our influence, good or bad? Will we remember the lost or the former incarnation of that image/object, does it have a persistence of memory in our cultural and biological environment? The identifiable aspects of those images are there but they aren’t the same below the surface. I hope to somehow capture the progression of time to slow it down, to ask the viewers to pause and think about the changes in these forms and consider their potential loss and/or new incarnation.”