Serena Lin Bush Tremors, and Other Minor Disturbances

March 21, 2003 – April 26, 2003 Mezzanine Gallery

Artist Statement

“They are involuntary shakes, shivers; trembling surfaces that betray underlying tension or uncertainty.

They are the smallest physical movements, sometimes barely perceptible, but always a forecast of something larger; something growing, that has not yet completely revealed itself.

Anticipatory and expectant, they can emerge from the accumulating potential energy in a situation: nervously confronting someone for the first time, impatiently waiting to take a turn, eagerly searching for the conclusion of a story, inevitably yielding to fatigue.

Tremors are covert sensations, sometimes physical, sometimes virtual, that we privately experience quite dramatically. As apparent as they are to our selves, they can largely go unnoticed by others. At times, their magnitude can be directly proportional to the attention we give them: the more we take notice, the more acutely and pervasively they are felt. These tremors momentarily disrupt our consciousness and disturb our perceptions, sending waves through our mental field while we hopelessly try and quell them. Riding their wake are the fragmented actions, fractured senses, and unfinished thoughts their interruption sets adrift. Eventually, as the tremors subside of their own accord, we are left speculating what they foreshadow, and when they will next return.

The works in this exhibition are each tremors inspired by different emotional conditions.Revealing the depth to which we feel these fleeting disruptions, these video installations explore imagined mental and physical environments built from the multi-sensory characteristics of these precursory, yet insistent events.”