August 23, 2013 – January 11, 2014 Elevator, Stairwells, & 3rd Floor Window

For this site-specific installation, Lina Dib will generate soundscapes in three transitional areas at Lawndale Art Center: the elevator, stairwells, and 3rd-floor window. These spaces are thresholds that mark the difference between up and down, and inside and outside. Drawing attention to the architecture of Lawndale, Dib will fill these generally unnoticed spaces with sounds that range from the microscopic to the monumental. Sound takes time. It can only exist in time. And unlike sight, sound is immersive. Sound physically hits and penetrates. It bundles us with it. It requires and even creates our presence, such that we are not in front of something, but within it. By situating the viewer within the piece, this intervention will make space itself more pliable — creating a kind of soft architecture using sonic fields that change and at times respond to the viewer, while playing with motion and scale.