Miguel Martinez The Room Nobody Lives In

May 5, 2017 – June 24, 2017 Project Space Gallery

Everything I owned I left behind. Everything I knew I took with me. There I took refuge from the arid heat, pressing my face against the cool tile, inventing stories from the curtain’s shadows dancing on the wall. Since then hungry moths have shredded the sun-bleached lace whose shadows foretold what I’ve now lived in the flesh. A gullible spider tirelessly repairs the gaps, making up what it can’t remember. Too kind in its recollection. With closed eyes, I rebuild the corners of this room. Brick by brick, in a trance, I’m swallowed by its walls. For just a few seconds I stand surrounded by the place where I am most myself, believing what no one else will. There again, back in The Room Nobody Lives In.

The Room Nobody Lives In exploits the elasticity of painting to further tangle the fact and fiction of Miguel’s experience.

Artist Bio
Miguel Martinez was born in Celaya, Mexico. He has lived in Houston since 2001 where he received a BFA from the University of Houston. He has been included in group shows at Box13, galleryHOMELAND, the Joanna, and is a recipient of the 2013 Dallas Museum of Art Clare Hart DeGolyer Fund Award.