Randall McCabe Scroll

March 9, 2012 – April 14, 2012 Project Space Gallery

Randall McCabe’s drawing stems from a series of repetitive mark making exercises using as his source a recurring paradigm found among the drawings of small children. He began by filling up sheets of paper, but not long into the process conceived of a long single sheet of paper, without end, on which he would continue the repetition and, over time, have a record of whatever changes might occur. In 2005, McCabe built two spools and began what has, for over six years, been a chronicle and notebook of those first drawings and of his own thoughts since. Measuring over 100′ long, the work is one continuous image, rather than a sequence of separate and discrete drawings, made using a nib pen and India ink. This scroll was conceived as an ongoing study and is, still, a work in progress. It is shown now, publicly, for the first time and in its current state. The imagery has changed over the years but has remained, as best as McCabe has been able to manage, a single drawing.