Rebecca Ward

March 9, 2007 – April 14, 2007

Artist Statement

“My installations are site-specific works dependent upon the space they occupy. Utilizing existing lines, beams, and angles, each piece I create in tape is informed by the individual site and its unique linear movement. Thus, my tape installations are inherently architectural; tape adheres to ceilings, walls, and floors, converging with the architecture of a space. I initially began working with duct tape because of the broad spectrum of colors in which it is available.I choose color patterns according to measurements of the installation site. Ideally these patterns are numerically symmetrical or somehow numerically balanced, producing a dialogue between tape and negative space. Rather than leave the tape as evenly-placed two-dimensional lines upon a wall, I expand upon the material’s sculptural potential and push these installations into a third dimension, creating an illusionary space, a perceptual play of pattern, color, and texture that is set into motion by the viewer’s experience of, and interaction with the work.”

Artist Bio

Rebecca Ward received her BFA in Studio Art from the University of Texas at Austin in 2006. She was the receipient of the Undergraduate Research Fellowship Grant in 2006and was named a Bernard and Audre Rappaport Scholar in 2003.Her work has been included in<FAIR>at Art Palace, Austin, TX (2006); Affair at the Jupiter Hotel, ArtPalace Gallery, Portland, OR (2006);New American Talent 21, Arthouse at the JonesCenter, Austin, TX (2006); andTape and Float:Rebecca Ward and Kurt Mueller at theDonkeyShow, Austin, TX (2006).