Regan Golden-McNerney After Landscapes

November 21, 2014 – January 10, 2015 Cecily E. Horton Gallery

After Landscapes is a collection of altered photographs about the ragged prairies that border the highways and railroad tracks in Regan Golden’s hometown of St. Paul, Minnesota. Each scrap of prairie is within walking distance of her home, a proximity that enables her to document the location over time. Golden then combines drawn, painted and photographic imagery through cut paper collage and digital imaging.  She splices and reorders the traditional horizontal landscape format to convey the natural cycle of growth and decay in these marginal, unkempt spaces. Golden’s work examines how our sense of images as physical objects is diminishing with the influx of digital media and how this parallels our detachment from natural spaces.  Using both digital tools and traditional collage techniques, After Landscapes invites viewers to examine their relationship to the often overlooked natural spaces that are part of everyday life.