S.A. Hinson I'd Prefer To Keep My Distance

January 23, 2015 – February 28, 2015 Elevator

I’d Prefer To Keep My Distance is part of a larger Community Outreachseries. The works in the series use ambivalent texts gleaned from everyday usage to address the reader directly in shared space. The texts question the position of the reader by remaining ambiguous: who is speaking? And to whom? The focus of the work is a reflection on and engagement with the surrounding community and is placed around the city via small interventions. I’d Prefer To Keep My Distance is placed in a confined space of transit. Like the pieces on the street, on their way to being somewhere else. The work is not firmly planted in the ‘art world’ nor in the city at large but in the slippage between these spaces. The other works in the Community Outreach series will be available to experience in the surrounding areas of the city and through Instagram by following the user @COMMUNITY__OUTREACH.