SOUTHERN/PACIFIC Curated by Paul Middendorf

Camp Bosworth, John Calaway, Calvin Ross Carl, Joseph Cohen, Jillian Conrad, David Corbett, Arcy Douglass, Sean Healy, Hana Hillerova, Roxanne Jackson, Jeff Jahn, Terrell James, Jonathan Leach, Victor Maldonado, Ann Marie Nafziger, Alyce Santoro, and Vontundra

August 12, 2011 – September 24, 2011 John M. O'Quinn Gallery

Consulting Curator: Cassandra Adams-Harford

Project Advisors: Lorna Leedy and Terrell James

The steel tracks of the Southern Pacific Rail Company once stretched through the Pacific Northwest, down the West Coast and across Texas. These train lines connected people, ideas, and visions of expansion.
Southern/Pacific is a series of three exhibits spanning over six months and traveling across the South and up the West Coast. With its premiere and first stop at Lawndale Art Center, Southern/Pacific begins connecting artists and communities of Portland, Oregon, Houston and Marfa, Texas. These exhibitions and projects will create three different experiences in each city, starting in Houston. The artists within Southern/Pacific will be working directly with each other and these diverse surroundings to create new works and new conversations. Breaking beyond the white walls,Southern/Pacific branches out into the art world and into the public. With the main exhibitions creating the foundation, film screenings, panel discussions, performances and workshops will be happening throughout the duration of the show. Southern/Pacific is capturing the energy of these events, collaborations, and endeavors within each city and is bringing them together for three not to be missed exhibitions.