The Big Show 2000

July 15, 2000 – August 26, 2000

The Big Show is an annual juried exhibition with cash awards open to artists living within 100 miles of Houston, showing recent works not previously exhibited in Houston. Landmark Graphics Corporation Awards are presented to artists, ranging from $500 to $1000. The annual competition featured 73 artists, and was juried by Sara Kellner, Executive Director of Diverse Works, Houston, TX, and formerly Director of Hallwalls Contemporary Arts Center in Buffalo, NY.


Homer Allen, Mark Badzik, Elizabeth Bailey, John Bruce Berry, Bexar, Martonette Borromeo, John Calaway, Scott Calhoun, Roberto Cervantes, Isabelle Scurry Chapman, Catherine Colangelo, Jennie Couch, Betsy Coulter, Jane Eifler, Amy Evans, Paul Fleming, Greg Ellis, Katy Emde, Richard E. Fluhr, Sarah Nix Ginn, Glen R. Gips, James Glassman, Michael Golden, Scott Gordon, Ginger Gore, Jessica Halonen, David Harrison, Dan Havel, Todd Hebert, Will Henry, Jesus Hernandez, Keith J.R. Hollingsworth, Elisabeth Jackson, Emily L. Joyce, Karen Justice, Darra Keeton, Michael King, Patrick King, Trish Klenow, John Knott, Judy Moon Kwon, Laura Lark, Rosalind Lilly, Lee Littlefield, Carrie Green Markello, Aloma D. Marquis, Michael Mistric, Teresa O’Connor, James O’Donnell, Patrick Palmer, Frank Anthony Porreco III, Tedd Pettibon, Denise Ramos, John Reeves, Patrick Renner, Che’ Rickman, Jonathan Rosenstein, Antonio Rubio, Beth Secor, Kenneth E. Simmons, Peter John Sloan, Hans Staartjes, Fraser Stables, Stephen Graham Starr, Mike Swenson, Celeste Tammariello, Nestor Topchy, Sherrie R. Turcios, Bao Vo, Kelly Vrana, Mark Wade, Weihong, Nathan Westerman

Sara Kellner selected 103 works by 73 artists with three cash award winners—1st Prize $1,000, Richard E. Fluhr; 2nd Prize $750, Patrick Palmer; 3rd Prize $500 Beth Secor. Ms. Kellner also elected to include three Juror’s Honorable Mentions to Teresa O’Connor, Fraser Stables and Bao Vo.

Entries were limited to recent work not publicly shown before by artists living within 100 miles of Houston.

The Big Show had submissions from over 325 Houston-based artists, allowing Ms. Kellner the opportunity to select from 863 works of art.