The Center for Imaginative Cartography & Research NIGHT WALK

November 20, 2015 – January 9, 2016 Project Space Gallery

The Center for Imaginative Cartography & Research presents NIGHT WALK, an immersive installation charting the open-ended experience of nocturnal exploration into overlooked urban spaces. Large hanging textiles, domestic and theatrical in nature, provide a backdrop for a shadowy narrative unfolding on the gallery floor. Interspersed within the space are a series of sculptural objects—competing entities, both toxic and healing—alongside scattered bits of research ephemera, at once informative and diversionary, found and fabricated.

Peeking through fences and around corners, watching mysterious forms appear from shadows, and imagining the unseen just beyond view, Night Walk begins when the manicured is swallowed up by a dark unknown. For The Center, these marginal areas offer a productive energy that open us socially to the community and connect us emotionally to the sensuous landscape. The scene that emerges through Night Walk reveals a therapeutic, creative investigation of the resulting ecological and social traumas experienced when we weed out the living, breathing, non-human earth from everyday urban space.