Troy Stanley Zephyr

September 1, 2006 – October 14, 2006

Stanley’s ambitious project will require the installation of a series of outdoor sculptures to interact with objects inside the O’Quinn Gallery. The outdoor components consist of wind collecting sails set on steel structures. These nine sails measure in upwards of 9 feet tall and function as levers when the wind blows (whether a gentle breeze or a large gust).Connected to each sail are strands of monofilament.These strands connect to wood and steel structures on the front sidewalk and direct the strings through the Main Street door of the Lawndale building. From here the strings attach to the wall and then again to a floor structure where they attach to a series of platforms in the center of the gallery containing pieces of particle board (MDF) cut into 3/8th inch strips at48 inches high. The systematic placement and density of these pieces resembles an area of sparse grass/vegetation yet references urban design geometry.As the wind blows outside, the sails catch the wind causing them to move. This movement in turn causes the blades of grass/MDF to move and mimic a field of grass blowing in the wind. The overall scale of the piece and the distance between each component requires the viewer to experience the whole as a discontinuous/continuous system. Over the course of the show material tolerance and mechanics from the wind movement will deteriorate causing the piece to, in a sense, die.

Artist Bio

Troy Stanley received his BFA in Sculpture- Magna Cum Laude – from the University ofHouston, Houston, TX in 2005. Stanley was awarded the Faculty Scholarship in 2005and 2004. His work has been seen in group exhibitions, “The Big Show”, Lawndale ArtCenter, Houston, TX (2005); “HUNG – The Association of Student Sculptors AnnualFundraiser Show”, Commerce Street Artist Warehouse,Houston, TX (2005); and his installation, “Flood” was on view at the Buffalo Bayou Art Park, Sabine Street, HoustonTX (2005).