WAVE: Five Evenings of Video and Performance Art

November 24, 1979 – December 22, 1979

24 November: Performance by Letitia Eldredge; video by Howard Fried, Rita Gardner, Andy Mann, Guillermo Pulido, and Susan Russell.

1 December: Performance by George and Catherine Cisneros; video by Jon Alpert, Laurie Anderson, William Farley, Fletcher Mackey, and Nam June Paik.

8 December: Performance by Frank Fajardo; video by Letitia Eldredge, Howard Fried, Andy Mann, Susan Russell, John Sanborn, and James Smith.

15 December: Performance, The Tea Ceremony, by William Steen, with Mel Chin and Audrey Trotti; video by John Alpert, George and Catherine Cisneros, Rita Gardner, Franke Gillette, and Fletcher Mackey.

22 December: Performance by Guillermo Pulido; video by Terry Allen, Frank Fajardo, Frank Gillette, William Steen, Nam June Paik, and John Sanborn.