Wyatt Nash Images of a Pathetic Youth

August 12, 2005 – September 10, 2005

Artist Statement

“Working from Styrofoam, plastics and resins, I recreate common objects found in and around homes and the workplace. The works set up situations that are part of a bigger narrative caught at a specific moment. A quality of patheticness and failure plagues much of the work due from my self-loathing attitude. Much of the work is derived from memories and accuracies I have experienced or caused mostly from early childhood. Any specifics, such as text are played down or non-exisistant to generalize them. The idea ist hat these are archetypes of American culture, but through my rendering and narrative qualities one can see how I saw and experienced these things. In their patheticness and failing nature they show what it was to be a fucked up kid growing up in southeast Texas.”