Xochi Solis Rivers of Our Vision

January 25, 2013 – March 2, 2013 Project Space Gallery

Rivers of Our Vision exhibits new work by Austin-based artist Xochi Solis. Constructed from a variety of media, Solis uses found imagery, vinyl, plastics, paint and colored paper to create large site-specific paintings with repeated ellipses and gestural paint strokes. Solis positions the nuances of transitory emotional states as central to her current body of work. Fascinated by the universal claims of love and loss in popular music, she contemplates desire, disappointment and love: “I let each work remark upon a private narrative, focusing on the personal navigation of an emotional state,” Solis comments, “It is a curious notion that any given circumstance can emotionally affect a group of people in a disparity of ways or, perhaps even more curious, in identical ways.” Extending the experiential impact of the exhibition’s large-scale wall paintings, Solis invites the public to use the exhibition as a backdrop for a listening and lyric reading: Record Swap party hosted Saturday, February 16, 12-4 PM. Solis intends to build resonances between the color and construction of the installation with events and experiences.

Rivers of Our Vision aims to create an enveloping environment, creating a viewing space for meditating on feelings and the unity and isolation felt from daily existence.