Bradly Brown

Round 10 (2015-2016)
Artist Website

Bradly Brown received his BFA in Photography from the University of North Texas in 2002. Soon after graduating, Brown relocated to New York, NY, to work as a photographer and designer. In 2011, Brown returned to Texas to receive his MFA in sculpture from Texas Christian University where he co-founded the artist collective HOMECOMING! Committee and began working as art director for semigloss. Magazine. His work has been exhibited at the The Dallas Contemporary, Fort Worth Contemporary Arts, Hiroshima City University and was included in the 2013 Berlin Becher Triennial and the 2014 Dallas Biennial. Brown received the Fort Worth Weekly’s Visionary Award (2014), Mercedes Benz Financial Service Scholarship (2013) and the Bean Distinguished Lecture Series, St. Anselm College (2008).