Danny Kerschen

Round 2 (2007-2008)
Artist Website

Danny Kerschen was raised in Houston, TX and graduated Magna Cum Laude with a Bachelor of Fine Art from the University of Houston in 2001.

Kerschen has been working collaboratively and individually on a variety of socially engaged projects situated within the contradictions and critiques of culture. He is interested exploring multi-disciplinary methods to derive work including guerilla installations, drawing, exploring the social dynamics of public and shared space, and distribution.

Although disciplines vary, themes recur including fiction and reality, play and progress, repetition and multiplicity, anonymity and solidarity, quotidian materials, absurd humor, and relations of parts to a whole.

While an ASP participant, Kerschen focused on producing graphite drawings on paper. Dreamlike yet well-defined, the drawings are quiet, subtly tonal, graphite images of asymmetrical marching bands enveloped by the negatives space of the paper. The marching bands exist between regimented choreography and collective unraveling. Folly, idiosyncrasy, rebellion, and failure emerge as tender documentation of individuation. While meticulously rendered, the figures seem to drift away into the void of the paper with the gentleness of the gradation.