David Waddell

Round 4 (2009-2010)
Artist Website

David Waddell is a Houston-based artist who creates other worlds through stop-motion animation, small sculptures, and collaged drawings. Lately, digital media has played a larger role in all of the work by combining the use of Flash, Final Cut, a scanner, and photography. The iPod is utilized for viewer interaction with his modern day flipbooks that play out like a nature documentary. Tactility and the use of the hand are an important role throughout the work and the process. Waddell makes creatures, landscapes and houses with found objects and collage. After working on three consecutive collaborations, which include TaMarmaruga shown at Lawndale, the nature of his work has been affected in a positive manner. He is excited to work on his individual body of work which will include more experimentation with sound and further layering through the process of filmmaking. Waddell’s work has been included at Gavin Brown Enterprise, Lawndale, New York Fashion Week, Fotofest and Aurora Picture Show. He received his BFA from University of Texas and his MFA in painting from American University. Waddell is currently the Director of the Visual Art Department at High School for the Performing and Visual Arts (HSPVA) in Houston, TX.